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'What You See Is What You Get' applies to this Blog, and to Sites, Blogs, Books & Videos listed. People should be free to make up their own minds, which they can only do by looking at a range of information and ideas, over a period of time.

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Jimmy Savile Aftermath

People in the UK have now heard too much about the Jimmy Savile saga - one they generally knew nothing about unless unfortunate enough to have been directly afflicted. It seemed that a good airing would be helpful for people who had been abused, but it has tended to bring their own pain to the forefront of survivors' minds. As for helping others to understand some of it, let's hope so.

I came across a book by Nick Bryant on the Franklin situation in the US where people who should have known and done better, did everything they could to discredit child and teenage victims of widespread abuse, whether they spoke out as youngsters - if they dared - or when much older. Had they not already paid an exorbitant price for other people's problems and proclivities!

'Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse and Betrayal' by Nick Bryant. If you only get a short look at the book go straight to the Epilogue.

More books at Lucela's List  http://yarntangled.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/blog-post_1313.html 

Worth a view is 'Conspiracy of Silence' at www.youtube.com/watch?v=asvl6kO1Vo8

Kelly and I do not claim her experiences are the same as these. Thinking over how her mind was systematically screwed till she could not grasp anything, her references to 'power people' in big houses, parties as a teenager with older men, wanting to protect her children from similar fate, the late-night clientele battering her door (some likely the same as the cops driving past to scare her), the cover-up and distortion when she tried to expose it, Yup, to use her word, Yup indeed.

I do not know why people in power seek to gain or retain it by harming others who have none. Or why other factions collude so viciously to cover it up. Coming out of the Franklin and Savile situations and let's not forget Dutroux, are threats made to victims or anyone wanting to spill the rotten beans, and the 'friends' or officials in high places, particularly the law enforcement meant to do just that and not act as cover-up or be a further danger.

Maybe it needs looking at just as a totally reprehensible dynamic, something we can all do something about through basic recognition.

Kelly prepared a fantastic summary of her woes, not for publication at this time. She would write something profound in the manner of past exchanges between us, but then fall in shards. She summarised her life and abusers, one small aspect of which was more than most people encounter in a lifetime, but she became unable to view the wider picture. It was a picture that her trusted therapist, put up to by others and covered over by more others, painted around the block. It was like some grand cult which encompassed most of the town, and it was not just happening to Kelly struggling to bring up her children in poverty, but to others in a similar situation, my guess is because 'they' got away with it.

Marta, the previous therapist, had bragged about my involvement with Kelly, saying I was too far away to change anything and did not have the resources. However she took down photos of herself on the Internet as though not wholly convinced. The present therapist Trixie knew little about me while spending hours per week with Kelly. Part of Kelly could see through Trixie better than you or I. Another part put Trixie on a pedestal, revering her looks, her life, her qualifications, while Kelly had better qualifications and, usually, insight. Parts of the system asked me why Trixie wore diamonds and crystals that flashed in the light leaving them dazed.

Perhaps I did not pay enough heed at the right time to the parts that wanted to discuss how the verbal and other cues worked, but something was bugging me over the cult commitment. Kelly was latterly kept unaware or confused over it, but she had lost her crusading spirit. It was as if understandably she'd given up trying, whilst occasionally pulling a viable rabbit out of the hat to surprise us all in spades. We would make contact, followed by yards of emails on daily trivia and family matters that I could not get involved in.

Suspicious from the start over the Trixie scenario and now much more so, I felt the years of late nights spent on Kelly, however deserving and useful, were not producing the goods. She was going backwards via a complex and evil experimental design, which surpassed anything I could counteract by working directly with her, although ultimately that is where change would come.

Unless the surrounding situation changes, or she and others can be made aware of appropriate information which also changes other people's perceptions, things won't get better fast. Some people suggest pooling information which I see as a patchwork quilt of experiences. That is an excellent idea but, once personal information is bandied about on the Internet, others handle it like their own. They think something happened to someone, or it didn't happen so the person must be lying or crazy. If they discredit one small part, others may assume that none of it happened. And then there are 'professional' detractors - see below.

Anyone who has done group dynamics or attended an event and exchanged memories, knows that accounts often don't tally by a long shot. Not only that, groups and committees have a tendency to polarise or to split into factions. We need a way of solving some of these issues, creating our own experimental design, in order to move forwards.

Kelly had broken up with Phil who paid for the so-called therapy, yet now seemed back in touch and paying. That would fit a cult-town Hicktown scenario. Someone had a hold over Phil and Trixie as the closest people to Kelly, and I had some idea what those controls and deals were. I originally uploaded this under a title of Deals Within Wheels to reflect Marta's machinations. 'Marta is the cult' Kelly used to say.

I realise Kelly and I will not be cleaning up that corner of Hicktown in the way we perhaps had hoped, but we can make others aware in case they have concerns over their own situation, believing that no-one can ever believe them. Even if no-one else believes you, whether they choose that or they simply cannot, you can believe in yourself.

Although many young or vulnerable people can be abused in these scenarios, few can explain all of what happened and how it affected them. Some get demolished to rubble or demoralised by specific factions of society, or by society's general inability to take issues on board.

The Jimmy Savile saga should mean that not all the previous detractors can continue to smother all of it. For the moment they are not parading the chestnut of 'no evidence' but my guess is they will. They are so predictable. Not only do we need to ensure that some people are viewed as 'professional' detractors, but also clarify that people who want to talk about personal issues should indeed be talking to someone reliable and not to some front person who may actually be 'in-the-know' -

Or they surely would be wiser to keep their own counsel

Politicians are not the only ones capable of double-speak: Therapists can be adept too, and it can be a useful skill. But what better way to control a section of society that acts as a much needed 'resource', than to persuade them they are mentally sick or worthless, and by inference so are their offspring, while providing centres to 'enrich' their lives. Whose lives, I ask looking long and hard, whose?

Therapy can be a life-saver for people though very demanding. People are often helped through by having a good friend or a network of people to stand by them through thick and thin, or by reading reliable information including experiences of others.

My other question relates to a likely outcome of propaganda 'normalising' behaviours that should not be normalised. We get bombarded nightly by television's blood and trauma, accompanied by those flashing lights they warn of whilst flashing anyway. The same happens on daytime News bulletins when children can be watching, with horror stories of abuse like the wicked witch in fairy tales that children of old knew were only make-believe. Now we know that not all of them are, which is only progress if we actually do something about it!

See the article by Matt Barber below, relating to work by Dr Judith Reisman on so-called research undertaken by Alfred Kinsey. 'She found that many public sex-education programs are doing to children, constructively, what pedophiles do to "groom" them for sex.'.


Strange how so often we seem to think that one size or approach could possibly fit all people or all situations - or even get close to them. If you wish to disregard anything here or elsewhere relating to ritual abuse, at least wonder what happened to Kelly 'in the name of therapy'. That deteriorated further but is not included in the Yarn, written to outline some things that can go wrong. If you are in a situation of concern, don't think it must mean something's wrong with You! Thanks for listening and Good Luck.

Scroll down on the right for other Blogs and some sources of Help. Not surprisingly, some of the organisations offering support to Survivors are quite busy so it can be hard to find someone understanding with sufficient time. Find out what you can for yourself, do what you can. Things will not always be like this.

A page has been prepared at http://toukanalia.50megs.com/createyours/measures.html to include uplifting words and pictures for those in time of trouble. If you find some that suit you better use those instead.

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